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Into the arms of a crack


South of September noon

I am sitting dry and hot

Some sweating in the north of the city

Read fifteen times

Investing in the arms of division

Unreal bonfire from reality

Picking up the blood of the night

The person we love

In their respective cities

Alone to each other


Heart and soul

Parasitic stupid smile

In the tiny

Eat a persimmon

Under the sun

Artificial lawn

Neat and dead

Meteor through the atmosphere

Cross my pupil

In this secular and elegant city

Ancient and warm

Some of the youth of

An unnamed author

In my mind sprouted up

The sun at dusk

Glowing red sunset

Serious pessimist

In the plain of despair

Smile calmly

Full of deep tiredness

Sheep man called a phone call

Weekend afternoon

Bored from today start

Go old

Life in numbness

(including the unknown Duma)

a good name

Frequently appearing in

About television in Russia

In the report

And he just disappeared

I am looking for it and will therefore

Happiness and old age


Duma: Author of the novel "Towards the Split" in the « Today » magazine in 1991

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It's a frequently appear statement